What's Cooking Club Membership

This program is designed to help women:

What You Receive:

For just $1 per day you can get a done-for you meal plan delivered to your email inbox every Saturday morning. This gives you meal ideas, snack ideas and recipes for M-F, ensuring that you are well equipped to take on your week while maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. 

I am all about making this realistic and sustainable for you, so as I plan out the meal ideas and snacks, I try to keep simplicity & families in mind. This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle. 

Now you just don’t have to think about what you’re going to eat each week…I’ll do for you! Join the WCC Membership today for just $30/month. 

What's Cooking Club Monthly Membership

OR maybe you're looking for guidance around Nutrition & Fitness?



  • You’ll receive tools and strategies that will teach you how to eat the foods you love while reaching your goals
  • You’ll receive the support you crave, the accountability you need, and the transformation you’ve wanted for so long 
  • You’ll be intentional about your nutritional goals, as well as having a game plan for your workouts
  • Convenience of accessing the workouts or meal plan anytime, anywhere!
  • You’ll be able to reach your goals without feeling restricted, but having the guidance you need
  • Affordable & sustainable!


  • Access to the virtual workout platform, Fit with Britt
  • Unlimited access to live workouts & an on-demand library of 70+ pre-recorded workouts
  • Live workouts happen 3x per week (MWF @ 6AM CST) 
  • On-Demand workouts you can do at your convenience, anytime!
  • Access to the What’s Cooking Club Subscription Program for just 1$ per day, $30/ month
  • Meal Ideas & Recipes for Monday to Friday, delivered every Saturday via email   
  • Guidance that will help you achieve your overall health goals, with nutrition & fitness in mind!

This program will help you:


Virtual Fitness Platform & Weekly Meal Plan Subscription
$ 58
  • Virtual Workout Platform (Live & On-Demand Classes)
  • What's Cooking Club Monthly Meal Plans
  • Support & Guidance from Britt


  • Can I have these meals if I am pregnant or nursing? As always, it’s best to speak to your doctor first but all meals are designed to be healthy, balanced meals that focus on nourishing the body.
  • My kids (or husband) are picky eaters… No problem! The whole idea of the WCC is that it’s so simple and can easily be customized to fit your family’s needs. 
  • What if I decide to cancel my membership? Just email informing that you would like to cancel. You are billed on the same day each month, so please email before your payment is processed. Once payment is processed you are ineligible for a refund.