Heres what some of my clients have to say about working with me!

“After a couple days I had a completely different attitude and outlook…”

“I have two kids and I just needed something that would kick me into high gear…”

” I jumped in on the live workouts which were a game changer…”

“The group of ladies that we have are super supportive and definitely motivating…”

More Testimonials

First off, Britt herself, is an absolutely amazing human being. I didn’t know anybody actually enjoyed Monday’s until I met her??Her positive mindset & zest for life are contagious. She’s super personable and unapologetically herself which really instilled a sense of comfort in myself. I would highly recommend her coaching. I’m 5 weeks into her program and have never felt better (in sooo many different ways). Her coaching is realistic and attainable. Her meal plans are easy and family friendly. She makes getting into a healthy lifestyle fun! ❤️
- Courtney
Where do I start? This was a great experience for me! I kept debating if I should do it , and I said why not?. Weight gain doesnt just affect your body but your mind too. I was grumpy, irritable and just hated myself. So I made that step and I joined ! Having a group that motivated each other and a coach who cared about everyone. we were always reminded to not over do it and dont be afraid to rest. This was a start of a new me inside and out and thank you britt for helping me push myself. And I actually dont mind exercising now. 😆. I can not wait for more challenges!!
- Jasmine
Britt has helped me keep accountable for myself and has encouraged me to keep going. I love the recipes and meal prepping most importantly the workouts.
- Pam
I love the meal plans that Britt give! She is such an encouraging, supportive person to help you in your fitness and lifestyle journey.
- Jamie
Working with Brit has been helpful In crushing my goals. Being a part of a huge Facebook community of other goal crushers and like minds pushes you to keep going! Britt was always available for tips & meal plans, workouts, and trying to complete a challenge during unchartered waters she was able to guide people in the right mindset! I recommend joining one of her 10 week challenges to be pushed harder to complete those goals!
- Shelby
I had a baby at the end of June and I was searching for a program that would help me lose some of the baby weight and I came across Renew U Fitness. Brit was holding an 8-week challenge that I thought would be perfect for me to get back into healthy eating and working out. It was the BEST choice I have ever made. She made my workouts fit my lifestyle along with a delicious meal plan. I would highly recommend Brit if you are searching for that extra motivation to lose weight or to help see yourself in a positive light. I have now lost my baby weight AND I am also the lightest I have been in 2 years. Thanks Brit 😊
- Lacey