Sciatic Pain Getting You Down?

I luckily have never had back issues….that was until I got pregnant! All in all I feel like my pregnancy has went pretty good, minimal discomfort but this dang sciatic pain is not something I’m used to! Cringing to get up off the couch, taking slow up a flight of stairs, modifying most exercises that involve lower body & walking around like an elderly woman. I have found a few ways to alleviate this discomfort and I’m going to share those with you today! 

#1 is this stretch!! 

Who knew something so simple, could do the trick?! This stretch directly targets your sciatic nerve and as you perform this stretch you feel that pull, running from your glutes to your lower back. It’s the best feeling!! Definitely give this one a try! But I have more advice, keep scrolling…..

#2 Go for Regular Chiropractic Treatments

Now I’d be lying, if I said I wasn’t a little skeptical to get a chiropractic treatment while pregnant. The thought of someone cracking me back into place while carrying a baby inside, was a bit scary! That was until I found a chiropractor that uses the “clicker” method. This is not to say that the standard cracking practice of a chiropractor is unsafe during pregnancy, but I just felt more at ease knowing my chiropractor was using an AAI (Activator Adjustment Instrument). Some chiropractors use a small, hand-held instrument called the Activator Adjusting Instrument to deliver a quick, low-force impulse to spinal joints with the goal of restoring motion to the targeted joint. I’ve found great success with my chiropractor using this method and every time I leave my appointments I feel 100% better!! 


#3 Making Movement a Priority

I think often times when women feel sore & have tight muscles they make the mistake of just staying sedentary (aka not moving much). I really don’t think this is beneficial to your muscles and joints! In fact, I feel like it’s just reinforcing your muscles and joints to stay in a stuck & sore state because they are not being properly activated & stretched. Movement = stretching. Yes, rest and recovery is key but if you continually use the excuse that you’re sore, stiff or tight then none of your problems will ever be resolved. You must move. You must activate those muscle fibers and lubricate those joints so that they can begin to move more optimal, without pain! If your doing the other two suggestions I’ve listed above 1) stretching and 2) seeing a healthcare professional regularly about your sciatic pain then you should be able to also incorporate some movements throughout your days. Even something as simple as a 10 minute walk can be enough to get your body feeling better! 

If you’re experiencing sciatic pain I highly suggest you reach out to your healthcare provider first! Take these recommendations into consideration, but never replace this advice with that of a healthcare professional. 

Take care babe,

Britt xo 



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