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12 Week One-On-One Coaching

12 Week One- on- One Coaching Program is custom-designed to help you lose weight and keep it off (for good!), create habit changes that allow you to stop counting calories and points, create mindset changes that sustain those habits so you can stop the yo-yo dieting cycle, not have to sacrifice the other priorities in your life (like family & kids) in order to have a physique you love, eat more, workout less and have a sustainable more enjoyable approach to a healthy lifestyle!

Fit with Britt- Virtual Workout Platform

Join Head Trainer, Britt Nygaard as she guides you through a 30 minute quick and effective workout 3x per week on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 6AM CST. Minimal equipment is required and ALL FITNESS LEVELS are welcome!! Maybe you’re not a morning workout person, you can do the workouts whenever works for you via the On Demand Video Library with over 120+ workout videos led by Britt.

F.I.T Mama Method 90 Day Habit-Based Accountability Program


This program is created to help busy mamas create a consistent & sustainable plan when it comes to achieving their health goals. Over the 90 day period you will receive a structured plan to success. This is all about creating healthy habits that will fit into your lifestyle as a busy mama. 

I know the mom-guilt is real and your priorities often get pushed to the  backburner, but YOU matter! Taking care of yourself & your health is so vital for you to be able to feel your best from the inside out. My hope is that through this program you can find a healthy routine that is sustainable for you & has you showing up as the mama, partner, friends, wife and woman you desire to be!