How To Overcome Food Guilt

Ever feel super guilty after you’ve indulged in a treat??

It’s common. Especially if you’re mindful of your health, have goals and are pretty cautious about what you eat. But even if you don’t feel like you relate to any of those things, it’s’ still common because society has taught us to believe that there are “good” foods and “bad” foods. “Good” foods make you healthy and “Bad” foods make you fat. WROONNNNGGGG.

Yes you’ll continue to hear me talk about fueling your body with wholesome, nutritious foods majority of the time, because the truth is that is what makes our bodies feel it’s best. This does not mean though, that the foods we like to treat ourselves with are “bad.” The foods we like to treat ourselves with, are just that. It doesn’t mean you have french fries every day, but if you choose to have french fries one night, then so be it! Enjoy the french fries and move on….The problem we catch ourselves in, is that because we’ve created this negative mindset around good food and bad food, we restrict ourselves for a prolonged period of time from the foods we like to have as a treat. So next time the opportunity arises where you can indulge in the treat, you binge, because your brain is like “you won’t ever get this again, so have as much as you can now.” That is what we teach ourselves, with this behaviour around food. 

Whereas if you were to allow yourself to have a treat say once or twice a week, this wouldn’t occur. You’d have the treat in moderation, and you wouldn’t be creating that panic mode around treats in your head. So here’s my advice for you:

1) Eat clean 80% of the time, the other 20% allow yourself to have those treats and enjoy yourself  

2) Enjoy your treats in moderation, this is where the guilt seems to set in because we deprive ourselves of it for extended periods of time and then binge. 

3) Remember your WHY and your goals, if the way you are eating on a regular basis isn’t aligning with your health goals, then make the necessary adjustments to change that, such as doing a pantry clean-out, meal planning, hiring a nutrition coach, signing up for a health challenge or talking to close family and friends around you about the goals you want to achieve, to help keep you accountable. 

Wishing you a fantastic week babe,

Britt xo


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