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What My Clients Are Saying:

I look forward to the morning lives EVERY SINGLE TIME!! Britt is so encouraging and ALWAYS gives an alternate exercise to coif you feel it's not good for you. She continually makes me feel like I can do it as she counts down the seconds! Also, the 3 live workouts per week give me a total body workout that is easy to follow and totally easy to do at home, which is exactly what I like!! I can't imagine not having Britt as my 6AM star to my day!



  • Workouts you can take with you anytime, anywhere (the lake, the office, home, out on the deck, on vacation, etc.) 
  • Ensures proper form with the guidance and leadership of a certified personal trainer leading you through a workout
  • Motivation & accountability to get the most out of your workout with timed intervals (you giving me your best effort in a certain amount of time rather that a rigid set of reps/sets)
  • 30 MINUTE EFFECTIVE WORKOUTS…no more spending hours in the gym wondering what you’re going to do next. Just show up & crush a workout! 
  • This is dependant on which package or subscription you sign up for. 
  • Access to any live workout (MWF @ 6AM CST) 
  • Access to any on-demand workout via the on-demand workout library with over 30+ recorded workouts led by me
  • Workout designed with all fitness levels in mind
  • Professional guidance on form & motivation to keep you going throughout the duration of the workout
  • 30 minute; quick & effective workout to having you feeling good & becoming strong every day
  • Easy access to any workout, anytime, anywhere

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