In this 12 Week Group Coaching program I teach busy mamas how to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle with 30 minute workouts & healthy, quick meals that the whole family can enjoy!

Begins January 15th!
*Limited Spots Available*

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You feel like you've tried everything to "stay on track" but just can't seem to.

You’re feeling frustrated and like giving up. You’ve tricked yourself into thinking you have to be this weight forever, or you’ll have to give up your whole life just to lose it.

You know the basics of nutrition and fitness, but are overwhelmed by all the information available and about what is actually best for you and YOUR body.

The blogs, inspirational Instagram posts and YouTube videos just aren’t cutting it anymore. You need someone who can actually help YOU.

You struggle with body image, negative self talk and the belief that you can actually make a change for yourself & your lifestyle.

You want to heal that part of yourself, so you can start thinking more positively about your body and what you see in the mirror.

You are tired of trying programs where you have to continually make separate meals from your family in order to eat healthy.

It sucked all the joy out of eating for you and replaced it with a confusing combination of mathematics and guilt. “Oops, I had a cupcake today? That’s an hour workout I have to do to burn it off.”

You are ready to break the cycle of restrictive diets that work for a week and then cause you to gain all of the weight back

The second you deviate from the plan (AKA act like a human) you believe you’ve failed & therefore quit. 

You’ve “started over” on your fitness journey more times than you can count.

You’re starting to doubt whether you actually have it in you to stay consistent and reach your fitness goals.

Hey Lovely, I'm Britt!


Trying to achieve your goals shouldn’t suck. And guess what? It doesn’t have to. After years of dieting and restricting calories, I realized I was burnt out. I knew that spending hours at the gym each day & following a strict meal plan was no way to live my life nor was it sustainable, especially if I wanted a family. I was not happy. I was chasing society’s standards of a “fit bod”, not realizing that my way of living was far from healthy. 

With time, consistency and a habit-based approach I was able to overcome my unhealthy old ways. Now that I’m a mom having a healthy relationship with food and my body is very important. I want my daughter to be able to see that her mom strives to live a healthy & active life. I also want her to realize that “healthy” doesn’t mean saying no to the foods you love. Balance is essential! This may look like having a salad for lunch and a pizza party with the kids on Friday night. 

 My mission is to teach busy mamas how to live a healthy & sustainable lifestyle from a habit-based approach. I want to take the guess work out of you wondering how you are going to make your health goals happen and give you that roadmap to lifelong success. 




Client Transformations

Interactive Workout Plans in my Exclusive Training App

Each month you'll be provided with a workout plan suitable to YOUR FITNESS LEVEL; Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. This will be accessible in my exclusive Renew U Fitness app, which includes written and video demonstrations of each exercise. You have the ability to “check-in” for each workout, track your workouts and track your progress!

Weekly Meal Guide & Recipes

No more printing off random meal plans off Pinterest and hoping they work! These meal planners are made with some of my favourite simple & family-friendly recipes. You know I'm all about balance so you'll still get lots of nutritional options, but don't be surprised if I also throw in the odd treat or take-out option. You will also get custom macros provided to you monthly if you choose to go this route for staying on top of your nutrition goals.

Support from Britt

You’re not doing this alone anymore, babe! I will be with you along your health journey. I try to post in the Facebook group often and you'll be checking in each week via your accountability calendar. I also host weekly accountability calls for you to be able to ask questions, give you a pep talk & just connect on a more personal level.

Virtual Home Workouts

My exclusive workout platform, Fit with Britt where you have access to live workouts 3x per week and on-demand library of over 180+ guided workouts by me. These are all do-able from your home! Minimal equipment is required and all workouts ONLY take 30 minutes! I just suggest you have a set of dumbbells you are comfortable with and a set of resistance bands.

Facebook Community to Connect with Britt & Other Women in the Group

A Facebook Community so you can connect with other women on this same journey, dedicated to their health and learning to live a balanced, sustainable life. You’re never in this alone! And on top of that, you get direct access to intimate support via FB so I can provide mentorship and guidance on a high, strategic level ANYTIME you need it.

100+ Exclusive Recipe E-book

No more fretting week after week about what you're going to cook and wondering whether or not it's healthy enough or not. In this exclusive Progress Project Recipe E-Book you'll be provided with over 100 client favourite recipes! Recipes includes options for breakfast, lunch/supper, appetizer and snacks. You'll be drooling just thinking about some of the options inside this e-book.


Monthly Payment Plan

*3 Monthly Payments*
$195 plus GST / month
  • Pay as you go
  • Training Plan via Renew U Fitness App
  • Access to the Fit with Britt Virtual Workout Platform
  • Weekly Meal Guide & Recipes
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Mindset Modules & Workbook
  • Weekly Accountability Calls via Zoom

Healthy Habit Challenge

One time payment
$119 plus GST
  • One time payment
  • 90 Day Habit Building Blueprint
  • Access to Private Facebook group

Still unsure what program would best suit your health & fitness goals? Book a FREE 15 minute clarity call with Britt here.