Macros 101 E-Book

This guide is to give you insight on what exactly this term “macros” is all about. The last few years this term has been tossed around alot, leaving many people feeling confused and out of the loop. I break down what exactly macros or macronutrients are and give you insight on how to track your macros to ensure success in your nutrition goals. – $19.99 CAD + GST

Secret to Sustainability Online Course

Providing you with 20+ Video Module Teachings, PDF resources & all the knowledge you need to know to ditch the diet mentality & create true, sustainable change for yourself! I’ve spent countless hours putting together this course for my audience so that you too can experience the FOOD FREEDOM and overcome the ALL OR NOTHING MINDSET! Don’t waste another penny on a program proven to get you results through restriction, endless hours of cardio & feeling overwhelmed. Let’s start here!   –  $79 CAD + GST