The Online At Home Gym Membership
(Busy Babe Monthly Membership)

This program is designed to help you:

What My Clients Are Saying:

Britt makes sure the workouts and eating plans are realistic for normal people like me. I have been able to continue on this path since the beginning and don't want to give up. Britt has been able to help break some lifetime habits for the better, something I have never been able to do myself. I have received encouragement and praise along the way. Thank you so much.


•You are sick dieting and restricting yourself of the foods you love

•Find yourself constantly “falling off the wagon”

•Struggle to get results on your own

•Want to gain self-love and confidence

•Thrive off of a support system of women who empower and motivate each other

•Need the guidelines to get you to your goals

•Create balance so you can eat the foods you love, workout less and show up as your best self in all areas of life (wife, mom, co-worker, friend, daughter etc.)

Are you ready to become a part of an amazing tribe?

ONLY $56.70/month on a 6 Month Contract! Each Month you will receive a new E-Book via e-mail containing that month’s information, workouts and nutrition information to crush your goals


  • You’ll receive tools and strategies that will teach you how to create balance in your lifestyle
  • You’ll receive mindset strategies and habit practices to break through the “ALL OR NOTHING” mindset
  • You’ll receive the support system to crave
  • You’ll receive the lifestyle transformation you’ve longed for
  • You’ll be able to get the body you want, with a lifestyle of food freedom, and finally eating the foods you love guilt-free
  • Every women can relate to your struggles, we’re all in this together


  • Monthly E-Book containing a 4 Day Workout Plan, 5 Day Meal Guide (each day including 3 meals & 2 snack) & 10 Renew U Fitness Recipes
  • Monthly Check-Ins via the app with Britt
  • Renew U Fitness App Access (video demonstrations of all exercises in your workout plan) 
  • Private FB Group to feel supported, motivated and inspired in your health journey
  • FREE ACCESS TO ANY CHALLENGE during the duration of your 6 Month Membership

Become the Best Version of You Amidst Your Busy Life

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for a spot on my coaching team here (link application form)

After you apply, you can choose a time to talk with me or a member of my team for us to determine if you are the right fit for my program!

If you have any questions before setting up a time to talk, you can contact me at

No! I can create a workout plan custom for you whether you workout at the gym or at home, even with no equipment!

I do not write or offer meal plans. I provide my clients with a macronutrient and/or meal guide to offer you suggestions, along with a grocery list. You choose what you eat to get your results!

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