About Me

Hey, I Am Britt Meyers

Hey There! I am Britt Meyers, Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach. Six years ago I decided to ditch the party girl, college lifestyle and trade it in for a more rewarding lifestyle. College was fun and man did I make a lot of memories but even better, I was able to find myself and my passion for fitness! After working with a local personal trainer I fell in love with the confidence and sense of self-love that fitness provided for me. I love coaching women to love themselves through practices of overall health; fitness, nutrition and mindset. This is not your typical quick fix program, this is a lifestyle change. I want my clients to ditch the diet mentality and create healthy & sustainable habits for life! I was the girl that used to believe you had to prep 56 meals per week and spend 3 hours a day in the gym to get that “ideal body.” I’m here to tell you that’s not the answer….finding balance and implementing healthy habits into your life is the key to your best self!


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What Makes Me A Good Trainer?

I believe there are many amazing trainers out there, but I do consider myself to be unique and different. My training style is all about sustainability. What is going to get you lifelong results? I don’t believe in quick fix magic pills, shakes or juices. I teach my clients how to create healthy, sustainable habits so that they can maintain their results and continue to show up as their best self each and every day!! I don’t want you to just work with me and be left in the dust wondering why you can’t seem to stick with the program….I want you to be able to learn and strive to become your best self every step of the way!! This takes hard work, consistency and an amazing support system like Renew U Fitness to help you get there!

How I Became A Trainer?

I grew up being an active person. I participated in dance, basketball, cross-country, badminton & track. School sports was my thing and I considered myself a well-rounded athlete. I was never the star of the team, but I loved the feeling of staying active and being healthy. My parent were great role models in this area too! Watching my parents workout from a young age, motivated me to make that a part of my life and they were always there to cheer me on. Time for college came faster than I could plan for…but I was ready to make the move and started my studies as a school teacher. What I didn’t know was that college came with many pressures, parties and the feeling of being poor, but I didn’t let this stop me. Having the athletic background that I did I knew I would continue to make fitness a priority in my life.  I just didn’t know that bar night, wing night and college parties would also become a priority. The feeling was short-lived. After 2 years of experiencing the typical “college girl” life I decided that I wanted to take my fitness journey to the next level. I hired a personal trainer and quickly fell in love with the push and knowledge that I was gaining from this experience. That year I decided to challenge myself and train for a bikini competition. In May 2016, I competed in my first bikini competition. Gaining the strength, confidence and love for myself that I did through this time encouraged me to become certified as a trainer myself. Shortly after I also obtained my Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coaching Certificate. My experience with hundreds of clients over the last four years has really enabled me to shift the focus on my business and figure out what the missing links are in one’s health journey. I wanted to be able to coach women to love themselves through fitness and nutrition practices, to create healthy and sustainable habits to show up as their best selves!