I help women ditch the diet mentality and create healthy, sustainable habits


The Renew U Fitness method has helped over 500+ women across North America.

Hi! I’m Britt, and over the last six years I have helped hundreds of women create a healthy and sustainable routine to feel their best.

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So many women start out their health journeys and are overwhelmed with wondering what to eat, how much to eat,  how to make healthy meals their family will enjoy and recipes that are quick & simple! THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU! The busy babe that doesn’t want to worry anymore about what the heck you are going to eat this week and still stay on track with your health goals.

Every Sunday you’ll receive a weekly meal plan delivered to your email inbox. It will provide you with meal and snack ideas from M-F with any recipes you may need included. All you’ll have to do is go out and get your groceries. 

For just $1 a day, $30/month you can be a WCC Member!! PRE-REGISTRATION BEGINS OCTOBER 25TH, STAY TUNED!! 

Pursuing My Passion Of Helping Women Feel And Look Their Best!

My name is Britt Meyers, and I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. My passion is helping women create a healthy, sustainable routine without having to sacrifice their favourite food, social life or happiness!

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